Hoffman v. Preston

Submitted by Re'Neisha Stevenson on Thu, 10/27/2022 - 12:01

Bivens remedy was available to federal prisoner who alleged that correctional officer labeled him a snitch to other prisoners, offered them a bounty to assault him, and failed to protect him from predictable assault by another prisoner; court reasons that “no special factors counsel hesitation” in making a “very modest expansion” of the Bivens remedy under the 8th Amendment recognized in Carlson v. Green, 446 U.S. 14 (1980).

Ahmed v. Weyker

Submitted by Re'Neisha Stevenson on Wed, 10/26/2022 - 01:20

Declining to recognize Bivens cause of action against city police officer, who was a deputized federal agent, who provided allegedly false information to another officer in another municipal department, leading to plaintiffs’ arrest on federal charges, in order to protect a federal witness.

Hernandez v. Mesa

Submitted by Jane Clayton on Fri, 10/14/2022 - 10:48

In Hernandez v. Mesa, the parents of 15-year-old Mexican national Sergio Adrian Hernandez Guereca sued US Border Patrol Agent Jesus Mesa, Jr. Mesa was standing on US soil and Guereca on Mexican soil when Mesa shot and killed Guereca. This brief argues that Bivens v. Six Unknown Named Agents of Fed. Bureau of Narcotics, 403 U.S. 388 (1971) provides a cause of action against immigration enforcement agents as it does for all other federal law enforcement agents.   

Egbert v. Boule

Submitted by Jane Clayton on Fri, 10/14/2022 - 10:40

In Egbert v. Boule the Court is deciding whether a Bivens action exists for First Amendment retaliation and Fourth Amendment violations committed by federal officers carrying out immigration functions.