Miguely Jean-Baptiste v. Brian Hussey, Edward Liberacki, Stephen Edwards, and Robert Grey

Submitted by Re'Neisha Stevenson on Wed, 12/07/2022 - 10:21

This is a civil rights action against Cambridge police for causing medical personnel to conduct an illegal internal body cavity search and unnecessary procedures on Plaintiff. These police officers requested that medical personnel at Cambridge Health Alliance’s Cambridge Hospital Campus conduct a digital rectal search and x-ray search of Jean-Baptiste’s abdomen without his consent or a court order. The medical personnel complied. The officers forced Mr.

Lucille Reid v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Submitted by Re'Neisha Stevenson on Wed, 12/07/2022 - 02:53

Ms. Reid, an inmate at MCI-Framingham, slipped and fell on a wet ramp while working in the prison kitchen, breaking her right ankle in two places. As a result of her injury, Ms. Reid contracted persistent MRSA infection. DOC employees failed to rectify the dangerous condition of the kitchen ramp, which they knew, or should have known, to be hazardous, and failed to warn of the danger. Ms. Reid continues to suffer from pain and emotional distress caused by these injuries and illnesses years after the incident.

Kodlowski v City of Westland

Submitted by Re'Neisha Stevenson on Wed, 12/07/2022 - 02:37

Bifcurcated case. Plaintiff, a closed-head injury patient, was in his home when his wife phone local LEO to get her cell phone from her husband. While inside Plaintiff’s home, the officers jumped and beat Plaintiff with a baton. Officer testified that it “slipped” into an extended position; physical injuries demonstrated repeated blows. Fellow officer testified that based on the physical evidence, it couldn’t possibly have happened the way the defendant officer described…settled shortly after his officer’s deposition. 


Submitted by Re'Neisha Stevenson on Wed, 12/07/2022 - 02:25

On 7/21/03, Kelly Jo Griffen, 24 year old mother of two, was to be held at MCI Framingham for one night before going to court in the morning. Ms. Griffen was experiencing the effects of heroin withdrawal. Medical staff knew that Ms. Griffen was not keeping fluids in her system, but failed to take steps to rehydrate her. Two hours before she became comatose, Ms. Griffen’s vital signs showed that she was in grave danger. Defendant Grodski was unable to obtain a blood pressure reading or a pulse.

Jones v. NYC

Submitted by Re'Neisha Stevenson on Wed, 12/07/2022 - 02:04

Client was an African American female detained for approximately twenty hours. The allegation was she was selling marijuana. No marijuana was found on her person. The judge threw the charges out at the arraignment. She worked for NYC and was drug tested subsequent to this and lost about a week of work. The client wanted to proceed with the settlement to be done with everything. She did not seek any medical (psychological or otherwise) attention and lost about $375 in wages.